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Hi. My husband, daughter, and I are planning to drop our car of in Lindau, Germany and take a train to Lucerne. We would like to spend one day there and then head to Lauterbrunnen/Wengen area for a few days. We will fly back home from Zurich. Would it make sense to purchase the Bernese Oberland pass and then a regular ticket to Zurich? I'm not sure what the most affordable option is. Please help.

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No answer but would suggest you redo your title something like -- Bernese Oberland Pass Question. Would draw quicker and probably better responses.

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You will probably have to price this out yourself depending on what you plan to do for however many days in the Berner Oberland.

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Probably. How many nights in Wengen and in what month? Do you plan to hike daily?

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We were in Switzerland last year. We spent 5 nights total in Murren and Lauterbrunnen. We started in Bern, where we purchased the Berner Oberland pass at the train station. That covered our travel from Bern to Lauterbrunnen. We used the pass for many excursions, trains, gondolas over our 5 days. We did not do the Jungfrauhoch or Schilthorn. The pass worked very well for us and covered almost all the things we wanted to do. There is a map on the website: that explains all routes and attractions covered. We found it very convenient. We just showed the pass when requested. Since we were mainly traveling only in the Berner Oberland area, it was a little cheaper for us to us the BO pass instead of one of the Swiss passes.

You have to figure out what you think you will do and compare costs of all the different passes or no pass at all. We found the convenience of not having to stop and purchase tickets a nice feature as well.

When we left the area heading to Zurich, we used the pass for travel from Lauterbrunnen to Lucerne. In Lucerne we purchased one way tickets to Zurich because that leg of the trip was not included in the BO pass.

Have a great trip.