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TGV or TGV Lyria

Hi Everyone,
It appears there are regular TGV trains and there are TGV Lyria trains operating between France and Switzerland. There is a certain TGV option which appears cheaper at the moment, compared to the Lyria. Is there a difference between these trains in terms of comfort, service, speed etc?


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Not that I am aware of. TGV Lyria is a joint venture of SNCF and SBB. Depends on where you are going. TGV Lyria operates the trains from Paris to Zurich and Paris to Lausanne. I am guessing Paris to Geneva may be a French TGV.

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The Paris to Zurich TGV Lyria stops in Basel is most direct. There is one train in the afternoon that goes only as far as Basel and that may be a French TGV.

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As far as the comfort between the two, I would expect it to be negligible. Likewise, both are high speed trains so they should get you there pretty quickly.

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Absolutely no difference whatsoever, just branding, it is the same trains.
TGV is the name for French High Speed trains (= Train à Grande Vitesse), it is both the type of train and the branding used for these trains.
TGV-Lyria is the jointly-owned company and brand name for TGV trains operating from Paris to Switzerland. They have a website here:
It is all the same trains, and I would expect the same prices on the abovementioned TGV-Lyria site and on the SNCF and SBB sites. Foreign reseller sites may give higher prices.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I went ahead with the booking based on all the valuable feedback shared here.

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you were able to go ahead and book your TGV Lyria train tickets for September already? We are looking at Basel to Paris. Which website did you book on? The website looked at said it was too early. What is the opinion on 1st vs 2nd class? I had heard the upper deck was better for the view but do you think it is worse for motion sickness? I don't get sick on an airplane but on a boat I do.