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Tell pass - Lucerne 3 days help

Hello, I am planning to purchase Tell pass for our 3 day trip.

We plan to goto Mt titlis and Mt Pilatus from Lucerne on October 1st and October 2nd (separate day trips to/from Lucerne). I am trying to do math if its worth to buy the pass or buy the tours.

  1. For Mt Titlis: Going from Lucerne to Engelberg Free? Engelberg - Titlis (gondola is 92 CHF with return) will be half price or Free? TOUR COSTS CHF 137 per person

  2. Lucern to Mt Pilatus will be free in Tell pass? TOUR COSTS CHF 126 per person

  3. We are travelling from Zurich to Lucerne so would It give us some discount?


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What is C$: Canadian dollars? Difficult to do the math if you're not using the same currency :-)
Also, what do you mean by "buy the tours"? The trips you mention are typically done self-guided, no tour.

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I updated thread with currency listed in CHF now.
Buy the tours mean there are some companies provide guided tours. I am trying to compare if we should buy TELL pass vs guided tours.

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My husband and I used the Tell Pass to visit Mt. Pilatus and Mt. Titlis in 2017. We found it to be an excellent value, as well as convenient to use. The Pass will cover all transportation between Lucerne and the mountains you mentioned, including the gondolas. As already noted, there is no reason to pay for tours. I referred to the Rick Steves "Switzerland" guide for information on getting from Lucerne to each mountain.

Are you arriving at the Zurich airport? That's where we purchased our Tell Passes, at the Swiss Rail office. At that time it included a discounted fare from the airport to the first station where the Tell Pass was valid; you can check for current information at The agents at the Swiss Rail office were very helpful; it didn't take long for us to have the correct tickets/passes so we could be on our way.

Enjoy your trip!