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Switzerland...what to wear, what not to wear May thru June

Is it okay to wear shorts, blue jeans, t shirts in Switzerland?
Should we pack water proof shoes/booties?
Anything in particular we shouldn't wear? ( male and female)

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It could be all the things you might think it will be. Dress in layers and shed as needed. The weather I found to be unpredictable. Last time I was there was in the month of June and had 70 degree days, rain days and higher in the Alps, cooler weather. I know that isn't a definitive answer, but this has been my experience. Any clothing is fine. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts are fine. Contrary to what sometimes is written about Europe, there isn't a fashion police force. Wear what makes you comfortable, its your vacation. You will enjoy Switzerland in any weather. Have a good trip.

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Wear clothes. Swiss have a thing about that. Although there is a nude hiking thing over there...

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Depends. Urban environment - not needed. Trekking - Good boots.

No red political baseball caps. Too divisive. Different reactions to Davos WEF visit by American POTUS.

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Well, where are you going to be? There may still be snow on the ground in the mountains.

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Hi saw, plan to dress in layers. I'd take a couple of long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, a pair of shorts, jeans, travel pants, fleece, waterproof jacket, hiking shoes appropriate to the level of walking/hiking you'll be doing, and maybe a hat and gloves. Also a nice pair of pants and a couple of nice tops, maybe a sweater, and another pair of shoes. Be prepared for changing weather, rain, possibly snow. Color coordinate so everything goes with everything else. Dress up a notch or two for the city. Nobody cares what you wear. I always have a packing list in progress so I'm ready for the next trip. Love Switzerland, have a great trip!

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take a waterproof floating ditty bag if you float the rivers. and wear a bathing suit

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Hello. Could somebody tell me the dress code for early july at Gonergrat and Matterhorn Ice paradise. We are travelling from Dubai and don't have a winter wardrobe as such for the kids and adults. Can we rent stuff there? Not planning on skiing.

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Yeah, You could pack water proof shoes/booties. It's good for travelling and doing hikes. And it's a lot more comfortable for your feet.