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Switzerland Walking Tours

Does anyone know where to find the audio tours for Switzerland? I couldn't find them in the Audio Europe app. I read in the "Rick Steves Switzerland Tenth Edition" that there is a Gimmelwald Audio Village Tour through an app called Schilthorn Explore, but I also couldn't find that app. I was hoping to listen to the walking tour when I'm in Gimmelwald tomorrow. Any help on locating this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I used to have the Schilthorn Explore app on my phone (iPhone) but in the over two years since I used it my phone put it to sleep. When I just tried to reactivate it I got a message that it is no longer available for iPhone. I think they didn't update the app.

If you have Android you may be able to find it in the Play Store...

Don't waste too much time trying to make the app work if you do find it. It was put out (with a vary garish purple font) by Schilthornbahn and my memory was that it was an absolute DOG of an app. I tried to use it for a variety of things and failed completely.

There are no Rick Steves audio tours of Switzerland in the Audio Europe...

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I know you’re looking for an audio tour, but there’s a nice walking tour of Gimmelwald in the RS Switzerland guide, if you have that. There were three of us, and we each had a guide, so we took turns reading.

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and once you've seen the telephone box shower, the youth hostel terrace (decent food), and bought a little mountain sausage and alp cheese you've pretty much done it.

There just isn't much in Gimmelwald - it is very very small, much smaller than a village. More of a crossroads. Population 130 including the babies. I don't thank the goats or cows are in the population count.

Enjoyable and good views...