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switzerland vs germany and austria

hey all..
i am planning a trip in the third week of may from mumbai..
i am unable to decide whether to just visit switzerland or cover germany and austria together..
its gonna be a 12-14 days trip and i dont wanna rush..
should i do just switzerland...or should i visit germany and austria..
looking forward for ur inputs..

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Since you mentioned it first do Switzerland
and try to include innsbrook and salzburg Austria

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There is no right or wrong answer to this question. In that amount of time you can see a little bit of each country, or you can see more on of two of them, or yet more of one. Of course, when you go to a different place, you must spend time on a bus or a train--time you cannot spend walking around up close to the places you want to see. But the Alpine scenery is gorgeous, so that bus or train time is not a loss.

Switzerland is much more expensive than Germany or Austria for just about everything, which for some people is a factor. Otherwise, I don't think there would be so many people who plan to just spend 3 to 6 days in Switzerland.

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as mentioned Switzerland can be punishingly expensive. we also found that it was popular with people from india ( not sure why, maybe advertising) ? on our visit to mt titlis we were surrounded by Indian tourists and even the signage and food was for Indian tourists. go figure? ( mt titlis on a nice day was great, BTW)
by comparison austria and southern germany ( eg: the area near salzburg etc) can be much cheaper and still very scenic.
they are all great places, just don't let advertising etc influence you too much, ie: do things that you would like to do.

hope this helps.

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thank you all for your replies...
i have to let u know that i have done some reading on i know that most of the travel can be done by train...
also thanks to the advertising i have some idea about the country..however, i have no idea about germany..

my idea for this holiday was to explore austria in 5-6 days and then relax in switzerland for 8-10 days...stay in small towns and just enjoy the view..take the scenic trains..
however, switzerland alone is very expensive and therefore i am unable to cover both switzerland and austria..
thats the reason i wanted to know if i can combine germany with is germany as a tourist destination..?? is it relaxing or the exploring type seems like there's lots to explore and u cannot cover it alone by train as is the case for switzerland..
pls help me decide...