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Switzerland trip to do suggestions. Last half June 2020

My wife and I are traveling to Switzerland in June 2020. We have our air travel and hotels booked. I am asking for suggestions of things to consider doing at our stay at 3 locations. We will be based in Chur for 5 nights (arr. Zurich 8 am ), Ascona 6 nights, and Luzern 4 nights. We have an early flight out of Zurich so we will stay close to the airport the last night and probably spend that last full day in Zurich. We like to stay in one area and not move every 1 to 2 days. Chur seems to be considered the ugly stepchild of Swiss towns but seems to be a good hub to find hiking and vineyards to explore in the area. I like to have several sites/activities researched for each area and be flexible to mix and match as weather and interests evolve. Day hikes, winery tours, cultural activities rate high on our priorities. Photography is a passion of mine. My wife is a professional gardener so botanical gardens are high on the list.

We will be getting 15 day Swiss Travel Pass, but will be traveling 16 days. (Arr 6/17 at airport hotel 7/2). Seems best to purchase the day we arrive and get one way tickets for last day travel from Luzern to Zurich then onto airport hotel. Does this make sense?

I would love suggestions to think about in this areas and day trips to consider. Has anyone done the Maggiore Express day trip? Which is “better “ travel option for Chur to Ascona? Bernina Express vs Glacier express to Andermat then transfer to Ascona.

Sorry for the long winded post! Thanks in advance.


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are you going to Chur on the day of arrival? If so I think the way you arranged it makes sense.

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Your plan for the STP makes sense. The trip from Lucerne to Zurich will be fairly inexpensive. I’m surprised that you’re not including the Berner Oberland for hiking, but you must have your reasons.

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Thanks for your replies.
Nigel, Yes we are traveling directly to Chur on the day we arrive. We may look for something on the way to see since arrival at 8am to check-in at 15:00 leaves a lot of time in between.

Kathy, We like to go off the most tourist/busiest areas (Luzern being the exception). We live in Colorado Springs, which is a tourist destination so we try to go elsewhere. We travel with idea of coming back on another trip so we can enjoy the BO then.

Any thoughts on travel from Chur to Ascona ? Bernina express train/bus vs Glacier express and change in Andermatt. There is about 4 hrs difference in travel time. Is the Scenic value worth the extra time?

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During your four days in Chur, you will certainly get the chance to ride at least the Albula railway towards St Moritz, if not the Bernina. So I would go the quick way, via Andermatt. It's very scenic.

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Merci Balso,

We're leaning that way. We will probably do as you say and do a day trip along the Bernina route. There is always things to do than time.
Regards Mark