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Switzerland ppl and travelers need your help

hey guys i will be traveling from paris to lauterbrunnen by train some people have told me go from paris to basel to interlaken to lauterbrunnen. i have seen some people say go thru bern then interlaken and then lauterbrunnen. I'm guessing basel is easier? and the other thing is i will be getting a swiss pass while I'm in Switzerland so when i buy my ticket from paris i should only buy to basel correct ? since then i can use my swiss pass to get to interlaken ? need help on that .

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To view route connections and choose which are fastest, see DB train schedules online. Basel is both a border station and a typical connection point. The Swiss Pass does start working once you cross the border, e.g, depart from Basel.

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It's best to connect via Basel because service is more frequent. There is only one TGV train per day from Paris to Bern which leaves Paris around 6pm.
Use the Swiss Rail ( or sites to check schedules and book tickets.

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I agree with the others that connecting through Basel is probably the best idea, as there are more trains on that route every day. You'll likely be departing from Gare de Lyon (Paris has about six stations), and you'll arrive via TGV at Basel SBB station. I'd suggest booking one of the trains that only has one change between Paris and Interlaken.

One other point to note is that Interlaken has two stations, east and west and you'll need to know that when buying your ticket. Your destination should be Interlaken Ost (east) for the trip to Lauterbrunnen. The trip from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen will be on the local Berner Oberland train, and the trip is about 20 minutes.

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All trains from Basel to Interlaken go via Bern. In some cases you need to change at Bern, but usually not.

The full route is always Paris Gare de Lyon - Dijon - Mulhouse - Basel SBB - Olten - Bern - Spiez - Interlaken Ost - Lauterbrunnen.
Usually you change at Basel and Interlaken. The train from Paris goes Paris - Basel - Zürich, but you change at Basel onto a train to Interlaken (via Bern), and change again at Interlaken Ost for Lauterbrunnen.

But, there is one train per day which goes Paris - Basel - Bern - Interlaken. This train saves you changing at Basel. It is not any faster. After Basel it counts as a Swiss train, takes the same timeslot as the a 'normal' Basel Interlaken intercity, and standard Swiss ticketing rules apply; a Swiss pass will be valid. It is however a very late arrival: leaves Paris 18:23 arrive Interlaken Ost 23:53. You are then too late for the last train to Lauterbrunnen and have to catch a bus. The last practical train is:
Depart Paris Gare de Lyon 16:23, arrive Basel SBB 19:26
Depart Basel SBB 19:59 arrive Interlaken Ost 21:57
Depart Interlaken Ost 22:02, Arrive Lauterbrunnen 22:22

Look in for full details.