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I am planning to visit switzerland in June 2015 after 2 nd week and stay in switzerland for 4 nights and then go by train to Milan for 3 nights, comeback to switzerland,stay for 1 night and fly back to Los Angeles. I have seen other parts of Italy.
Any Advise from experts.

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I have the same questions as Laura. Three nights in Milan would be a bit "too long" for me. I'm usually in Milan every year, but tend to use it more for a transit point rather than a destination.

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Although not usually in the business of guessing the purpose of other people's travel destinations, I'm thinking Expo2015 in Milan may be a reason the OP is going there.
Have you been to the Italian lakes? I'll throw out a possible itinerary.
Assuming you arrive at Zurich Airport, head to a low key, mid elevation mountain resort like Flumserberg above the Walansee. Tom of Lewistown, formerly Huettenfeld, raves about the place. I just passed by there last week and it looks interesting. The high resorts like Zermatt or Muerren are still a tad dicey in early June. Flumserberg is lower elevation and less pricey than the big name resorts.
Next head to Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland. Very lovely and historic. Then catch the Bernina Express to Tirano, Italy. Spectacular mountain scenery as well as an impressive bit of railway engineering. You will want to do this on a clear day, so a bit of slack in the schedule is advised.
In Tirano, transfer immediately at the adjacent Trenord station for the train to Milan. You can stop in Varenna on Lake Como on the way for at least a night. Then on to Milan.
Returning from Milan, take the 8:25 EC train heading to Zurich, but change at Arth-Goldau to Luzern and spend the rest of the day and overnight there. There are hourly direct trains to Zurich Airport from Luzern that will get you there in just over one hour.

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Hi Laura,
This is my first trip to Switzerland,yes I would like to visit other parts of Switzerland. I have to go to Milan for at least for a couple of days as I have promised my daughter. I can go for this trip for 10 days.