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Switzerland - May or Sep?

Hi, we're in the early stages of planning a trip to Switzerland in 2016. Looking at either May or September. We would like to do some sightseeing and (easy) hiking in the mountains (Lauterbrunnen area). What would be the earliest time in May and latest in September that would give us the best weather? Appreciate any info. thanks!

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All of September is usually a good month (doesn't guarantee dry weather at any given time, though).. May varies from year to year, but it usually isn't a good bet for hiking.

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I'd also suggest September as the weather should be better then (of course, no guarantees). Around mid-month should be good as the evenings will be a bit cooler towards the end of the month.

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For hiking definitely September! In May it's very possible that there will still be snow on the trails and even if there isn't snow it may be muddy. September should be drier and perhaps a bit cooler.

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We went in late September to Interlaken/Gimmelwald a few years ago and the weather was nice and cool and the hiking was great. We did have a few extremely foggy days where we could not even tell we were in the mountains though and it lasted all day. Try to have a few days that are flexible so that you don't end up with the only day you are in the mountains you can't see them!

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Chris, I looked at the photos on your Twitter account. I can't believe you had that much snow on May 15! It looks like Christmas, just beautiful!

Thanks, Donna