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Switzerland-Germany Honeymoon


I have a few questions about using train pass in Switzerland and Germany.

  1. In case of using one Germany Flexi Pass and one Switzerland Flexi Pass, is it necessary to write down the day of cross-border on both of passes, or on one of the pass only (departure country or arrival country)?
  2. As I know, Glacier Express is "free" for Switzerland Pass while charge 75% for Switzerland-Germany Eurail Pass? Is it correct?
  3. My wife and I will spend 5-6 days and 4 days on train in Germany and Switzerland in October respectively, include one day for Glacier Express and 2 days of cross-border (in and out Europe via Munich). Which pass would you recommend for this journey, one Germany Flexi Pass plus one Switzerland Flexi Pass, or Switzerland-Germany Eurail Pass? (or Half-fare Card, ... or no rail pass in need?)


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Q 2. You will need to purchase an additional reservation fee for the Glacier Express, even with a Swiss Pass.
Q 3. Where are you traveling in Germany? A German Rail pass is probably a waste of money. If traveling in Bavaria, just use a daily Bayern Ticket, 27 euro/day covers both of you. Buy at the station vending machines. Swiss Pass again depends on all your itineraries. A Half Fare Card is almost always a winner.

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Thanks your help.

This is my plan:
Munich (3 days) > Konigssee (2 days) > Fussen (2 days) > Zurich (1 day) > Chur, Zermatt (Glacier Express) > Zermatt (3 days) > Interlaken (3 days) > Luzern (Optional) > Munich.

If I use Swiss Half-fare card, is there any cheaper way of cross-border trip other than buy an expensive ticket?

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Travel to Lindau on the Bayern ticket, then buy a separate ticket to St Margrethen, Switzerland. The tickets are 7.80 euro per person. Or you could take the ferry to Rorschach, Switzerland for a bit more money.

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Maybe the Swiss Pass (8 day) would work with the number of days you have in Switzerland. We used this on our trip to Switzerland and it covered trains, buses and lake trips (Lucerne) plus entrance fees to a few museum's we visited. It also gave a discount for the Jungfraujoch trip.

If you're heading to Chur just to take the Glacier Express to Zermatt, I'd give it more thought and see if there is a quicker route to Zermatt from Zurich. We did the GE from St. Moritz to Zermatt and it was nice for a while, but we couldn't wait for it to end. 9 hours was way past our comfort zone to sit on a train. Then you'll see that most train trips are just as scenic. That was our take on it.

I also agree that staying "in" the mountains is the way to go. We spent 4 nights in Wengen and never wanted to leave. Our trip was also in mid October. Wengen was a only a little busy during the day and very quiet at night. We actually loved walking in the evenings, feeling like we had it all to ourselves.

Our most memorable evening in Switzerland was spent in Wengen. Just before sunset, we walk a paved "road" along the valley, found a bench to sit on to watch the sunset over the alps. We sat there with a view of the valley way below, alpine peaks surrounding us and there was complete silence, except for the sound of cowbells in the distance. Simply magical.


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The Half Fare Card will save money over the 8 day Swiss Saver Pass for your itinerary. I assume you will be taking some of the mountain rail/lift excursions while in Zermatt and Interlaken (or Muerren or Wengen).
For these excursions, the Swiss Pass and Half Fare discounts are exactly the same 50%, EXCEPT for the Jungfraujoch excursion where the Swiss Pass only gives a 25% discount, but the Half Fare Card still gets 50%.

Another advantage of the Half Fare Card, is it works in both 1st and 2nd class. The one train you might want to upgrade to 1st class is the Glacier Express. You will need to buy the 33 chf reservation fee regardless of the class of service.
The only advantage of getting a Swiss Pass is you will not need to stop and buy a ticket for many journeys, but you still need to buy tickets for mountain excursions and reservation fees for the Glacier Express.