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Switzerland-Flexipass or Swiss Travel Pass

Ok-I'm confused (dizzied, as Rick says), even after reading the website and researching Swiss Passes vs Flexi pass.
We are going to be in Switzerland Sept 5-13 and will be doing at least 8 days of train travel.
Do I need the flexi pass or the swiss travel pass?
I'm concerned it's too late to purchase and have the tickets mailed to me (and I don't like the booking or mailing fee options, as no e-print option is available).
Is there a kiosk or office in the Zurich airport (or all train stations) where we can purchase a Swiss Pass?
Thank you, in advance

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Yes, you can buy Swiss passes at the ticket office at Zürich airport station.
The question is will you be travelling every day, or just some days with gaps in between when you aren't travelling?
The first optio implies a Swiss Pass, the second a Flexi Pass, for the number of days you are travelling.

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It seemed to me when I last investigated this (we'll be spending 2 weeks in September in Geneva), that the passes were very expensive and that you'd have to do a lot of train/bus travelling to break even. And, should the weather suck and you decided to just sit in a cafe for a day or so instead of taking that boat on the lake or the train to Zermatt, you've just wasted the pass. So we decided to wing it. But we will also have a car.

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Passes sold here can be delivered within a few days by UPS, so you do have time to receive it; I suggest checking price on Monday at The same passes are also sold in Swiss train stations, including Zurich airport station.

You would expect to pay about $380 for 8 consecutive days on the Swiss Travel Pass (valid either 9/5-12 or 9/6-13) or you would pay about the same for 4 travel days spread out on a Flexi Pass Combo with Half Fare feature for the in-between days. If the time period fits your plan, then the consecutive version gives you more coverage. The consecutive version offers the print-at-home option but the flexi pass does not.