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Help with Switzerland iteneriary and Hotel request Lusanne

Is this the right order?

Day 1 - Arrivals 4:30pm into Zurich Train To bern
Day 2 Spend all day in Bern Evening train to Murren
Day 3-5 spend day 3, 4, 5 then depart. It that enough time for easyhikes, open air museum,trummelbach falls?, Boats to St. Beatus caves, Funicular Any other suggestions?
Any suggestion on a stop before Geneva?
Day 7 . Leave in the evening to go to Lusanne. Best suggestion for hotel?

I take a tour that includes Zermatt, Lake Lugano, St. Mortiz,
Andermatt, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Stabbach, Trummelbach Falls,Lakeside Lucern Sonnenberg bunker

Tour ends in Lucerne takes us to Brienz woodcarving museum,Sonnenberg Bunker. I will have about 3 4 hours free time. Is Lucerne the best place to plan these day trips? Fortress Fuigen It seems like it would be easier to go by boat. It says an hour vs two hours on the train? Is going to Frakmuntegg Luge easier from here? Addl activies Castle Chateau de Chillon and the cheesemaking center.

July 24th Zurich Anything I shouldn't miss? Is it better to stay across from the train station or the niederdorf District to be close to airport and walking tour?Train ride to airport is 10 or 35 min?.

My interests are scenery, activites, shopping but not so much on museums. I need to know where to stay and how much time to plan.

Is there a 2nd best luge? I know there is one in grimmelwald

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The luge run you are thinking of is the Rodelbahn at Grindelwald. You take the Pfingstegg lift to reach it:

The one we like is at Oeschinensee, near Kandersteg:

It is 25m longer and the scenery is spectacular. Plus you have the lake nearby (20-minute walk), with a nice restaurant with deck for lunch, walking paths, and rowboat rentals. But I don’t know where it would fit in your plans,

The train ride from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station) to the airport is 10-12 minutes. It is the local tram (streetcar) that takes 45 minutes, wandering around with lots of stops. The train is much faster. Make sure you have a ticket or pass before you board.

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Should I skip the luge in Grimmelwald? It looks like the best way to get to your luge is from Bern. Would you say that is correct? I could modify my trip to spend 2 nights in bern (and go to luge from here) then go to murin, then go to Geneva or Lusanne.

Or just go to your luge after murrin and continue on to Geneva or Lusanne?

Thanks for your help.

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Do not confuse the towns of Gimmelwald (small quiet village near Murren) with Grindelwald (larger tourist-oriented town in next valley). Grindelwald has a cable-car that gets you up to Pfingstegg, which has the luge. Tourist info will show you where.
Three days in Murren is barely enough to do a couple of hikes, assuming one day of rain. I've been there for 10 days and still could have used more time.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I think I was confusing the two towns. I'm already going to one from Lucerne (I think Frakmuntegg luge is closer) and one from Bern. I won't travel an hour and 1/2 to go there as two is probably enough and I don't have that much time!

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I'll take your suggestion on the luge. I'll be coming from Bern. Would you say that I take the train to Kandersteg?

I'm having a little trouble with the train from Zurich Airport. Are you saying I need to take a train from the airport to
Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station) in order to go to Bern?I thought I could leave from the train station in Zurich and go
straight to bern. I come in at 4:30pm so not sure any one would be there to ask.

Thanks for your help.

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There are direct trains from Zurich airport to Bern, at 8 and 45 past the hour. The trains stop at Zurich Hbf, but you just stay on until you get to Bern.

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Terry I just stayed at the Hotel Victoria in Lausanne. It is across from the train station, old works and just lovely. It isn’t budget, but was cheaper than Geneva. I had a double room fir just under 200, including a delicious hearty breakfast. They had AAA discount that would have saved 30 CF had I been a member. It was so convenient and comfortable. I needed a place at the last minute and was able to book. They just reopened after a renovation.