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Swiss travel pass. Size of card

I'd like to have a clear window holder for my Swiss travel pass so I can attach it to my purse. Does anyone know the dimensions?

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The Swiss Travel Pass is now available in electronic form, so you can keep an e copy on your smart phone. I'm not sure of the size of the paper version.

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It so happens I have been on a photo organizing spree the last couple of days and in the front of my Switzerland photo book is a souvenir pouch with my Swiss Travel Pass. It is from 2017 and we purchased the pass at Zurich Airport. It's 8 1/2 inches long and 3 1/4 inches wide paper - they gave us a plastic pouch to keep it in. It is only valid with a passport ID, so make sure you travel with your passport. Not sure if it has been updated but this may give you some idea.


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Just use the SBB app to keep track of it.

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To obtain the electronic version, are you required to buy the Pass online?

Fall 2019, we made several attempts to buy a STP online, and all attempts failed, even with using different computers, servers, and credit cards. Comments on this Forum reflected the same issue; certain credit cards seemed to work, others not.

Of course, it was quick and easy to buy the STP at the airport, but it was a hardcopy Pass.

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Swiss Travel Pass came in the same format in May 2019 3 X 8 inch thick paper as describe by mpaulynsettle.

It looks like a airline boarding pass. I don't think you will be able to attach it to a purse.
I would wear it in a inner jacket pocket. It will hold up with the plastic sleeve that it comes with if you buy it when you get there versus online. But I did not know you can store it on the SBB ap.

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There is really no need to attach it to a purse. You may be under the impression that you will have to show it often, like when entering stations or busses, but in Switzerland there are rarely pre boarding checks on public transit. On a whole day of travelling on trains, trams and buses it may be the case you are asked to show it only once...
So keep it in the sleeve it comes in, in your purse.

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Passes and tickets are never required to board a Swiss train. The actual ticket or pass is only examined after the doors close and the train begins to move.