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Swiss Travel Pass - last minute purchase - Best Mode

We will be purchasing a four-day consecutive Swiss Travel Pass, for a Nov-Dec Xmas markets trip. I am a very organized person , and like to do as much in advance as possible. However , after planning and booking air and hotels, my daughter's work won't confirm her vacation dates until the very last minute, [long story. ] We now have hotels booked for dates A and dates B for this trip.
[The company will cover airline/hotel change fees/costs, however , there is NO compensation for how much this is aging ME!] I am obviously working very hard to stay calm and accept this new pre-travel mode.
for purchasing the Consecutive Day Pass, I know I can do it online. My question regards how friendly the system is, and how late can you successfully complete an on-line booking? [ I like the fact that if you buy on-line, you can print an extra copy of the Pass, in the event it's lost.]
OR- if we buy the Pass after we land in Zurich, do we do so at a machine, or do we complete the purchase thru a manned office? What are the hours of these offices?
Thanks for all your help and experiences !
Safe travels!

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Pat have you look into this site for booking it online ?

if you don't have time to buy the Swiss Travel Pass online, you can buy it at any manned Swiss railways office (SBB) and there is a large office at the Zurich Airport for you if you wish. Make sure to validate your pass before taking the train.

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No need to buy in advance.
You can buy from the SBB (Swiss Federa Railways) website here:
You specify the start date when you buy, up to and including "today", and print out as many copies as your printer will allow.
You need to make sure the card you use to pay is not blocked for purchases in Switzerland.

Or you can buy when you land at Zürich airport station.
Either way it is the same price: Swiss Travel Pass 4 consecutive days CHF 281, 2nd class.

The ticket office at Zürich airport station is open Mon.–Sun. 07:00 - 18:30
See here:

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A smiling agent at the travel desk at the Zurich airport train station will happily sell you the Swiss Travel Passes, explain there use, give you a map of validity and wish you a pleasant holiday in Switzerland.

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Thanks for all the helpful input.

If I do buy the Pass on-line, will I have immediate access to print, or is there lag time for processing the transaction?

Thx again!

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If you print at home you will have to print the map for easy planning. If you go to the counter they give you the map printed on good paper and easy to read. If you want to go in and get the map you may as well get the pass then too.

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I was just at Zurich airport 2 weeks ago and purchased a Swiss Travel Pass and Sam is correct, just purchase at train ticket office and you are on your way.