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Swiss Travel Pass. Do mountain lifts require activated flexi-day?

Hello, I want to know if discounts for mountain lifts require an activated flexi-day on a Swiss Travel Pass.

I seem to have found contradictory information. In my 8th edition of Rick Steve Switzerland (p.401) it states, "Trips that are merely discounted, rather than free with the pass - most notably many mountain lifts - are valid even if you don't have a flexi-day activated".

But on the Switzerland Rail Passes and Train Tips section of the Rick Steve's website, it states, " Discounts on high-mountain lifts and trains are only available on one of your flexipass travel days".

Does anyone know which statement is correct for the lifts to Gimmelwald and to the top of the Schilthorn?


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The rule has changed. They do require using a counted flexi pass day in 2017 with a Swiss Travel Pass (but not for the lesser discount provided by a Eurail-brand pass). Therefore, the consecutive-day version or a Swiss Half-Fare Card may be a better option.

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The Swiss Travel Pass is a consecutive day pass for between (I think) 4 and 15 days) so there are no flexi days. The Swiss Pass with the flexi day does require you to use a designated day. The Swiss Travel pass will give you free travel to any place of habitation. Example Murren, it will include somewhere such as Kleine Schidegg. Have look at the Swiss Rail Website for better explanations than I've given.

The Swiss Travel Pass will take you to Gimmelwald and Murren but not to the top of the Schilthorn. You will get a discount with the Flexipass.

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On, you may see the products offered to tourists called the "Swiss Travel Pass" and "Swiss Travel Pass Flex." In our Rail Europe shopping cart, only the first term is used and then you select the number and style of travel days. It is no longer called the Swiss Pass - that name was co-opted for a new resident-focused pass a couple of years ago - although it's temptingly shorter to type.