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Swiss travel card question, When traveling in from Austria

Hello all,
Going to Germany Austria and Switzerland end of June to mid july.
Considering the Swiss rail pass (8 day continuous), as we will be there for 8 days and using transportation heavily in berner oberland for 5 of those days.
Here's my Question: On the first day of the rail pass we will travel from Hall in Tirol to Luzern.
How do I book my train travel to get the most out of the Swiss rail pass?

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Assuming it is a 2nd class pass, go to and buy tickets. When prompted for "reduction", choose "GA 2nd class". If Hall in Tirol does not show up, just use Innsbruck Hbf and buy a local ticket for that portion when you get there.

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Alternately you can book a ticket from any ticket provider from your start point to the nearest Swiss border station. From there your Swiss Pass will cover you 100% for your remaining travels to Lucerne.

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A Swiss Pass is valid from the first Swiss station. On this route (Innsbruck - Zürich - Luzern), that is Buchs (SG).
You can see that on the official map of what the Swiss Pass covers here:
East of Buchs the line is grey (not covered), after Buchs it is red (covered).

You can either by a ticket on the SBB website, selecting "GA" as a reduction. Or alternatively just buy a ticket from Hall in Tirol to Buchs AG on the ÖBB (Austrian railways) website:
I just checked, and for Fri 28th June they are currently selling tickets at € 37.70

Note you will have to have your Swiss Pass on you when you arrive, or get off the train at Buchs and buy one; which means continuing on a later train. The easiest way is to buy a self-print Swiss Pass on the SBB website.
8 days = CHF 418 (here: )

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Thank you all for the great advice.
You've given me the answers I needed.
Some of the websites weren't clear on this and you have been a great help!

Thanks again!