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Swiss Train tickets question

Last week we took the train from Verbania-Domodossola-Brig and back. I'm still a bit confused on why our return tickets ended up being so expensive. Not sure if we were "sold" something we didn't want, but would like to figure out what I did wrong so I don't repeat. Or if tickets are more expensive when buying from the ticket window.

Train Verbana to Brig

Verbania - Domodossola (bought tickets at train station (trenitalia). 2 adult @3.55 and 1 dog at 1.75 (euros)

Domo to Brig- Booked Saver tickets the day before @ 10CH for 2 adults. Paid the 1/2 price fare for dog on train of 8.40 (half the full price ticket-16.80 CH)

Return Brig to Verbania-Pallanza

Purchased at the SBB window in Brig. Specifically asked for the 3:44 train, connection in Domo @4:53 (regional Trenitaila)
When the total was 62CH, I knew it would be more than the saver tickets, but in hindsight can't figure out why they were more than expected. Should have questioned it when we purchased, but didn't.

Tickets purchased- 2 adults at 22CH and dog for 18CH= 62CH

Domo to Verbania should be 9.80 CH (8.55 Euros)

That means 2 adults and one dog was 52.20CH - But the full price tickets same day on SBB site were 16.80CH, which should have totaled about 38.64 (16.8 X 2. + dog ticket of 8.40).

Seems like we paid almost 14CH more than we should have.

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First class would normally cost even more, so that's probably not it. Did you get a seat assignment?