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Swiss train tickets

I will be in switzerland for 5 days - 16th May - 20th. We are 4 (2 adults, 2 kids under 16). Here is a tentative itinerary:
16 - Arrive into interlaken through Paris-Basel
17 - Train travel taking in the sites LauterB, Wengen, maybe JungFrau..
18 - Spend the day in Lucerne
19 - Travel some, maybe Titlis
20 - Train to Zurich- drop bags in airport - cover Zurich city/Rhine Falls. Late pm flight.

Need some help with the travel passes.
I have been working out the math.
I have considered getting myself a 4 day consecutive swiss pass (likely to cover 17 - 20). I figured Basel - Interlaken leg is less expensive than Interlaken - Zurich airport.

But i have been checking on the half fare card as well. With 2 kids it appears to me the pass would save more than half fare. Any suggestions here?

Few folks mentioned by default shows the ticket prices in half. Not sure about this. I do see an option to choose either "No reduction" or "half fare" - i wonder if "No reduction" is showing me the full fare prices?
sbb also displays "Supersaver tickets" - this offers good discount, sometimes upto 50% off the full fare (and some price off the half fare as well). Super saver would lock me to a train and time, but i could use it to start the day and only worry about returning. If i combine the super saver along with the half fare, it appears a better deal than swiss pass.

What i dont know - what other modes of transport i would likely have to take? bus, trams, gondolas etc? The hassle with half price would be stock enough currency/change to get me through all these transport - something i dont need to worry with a pass. correct?


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The half-fare is sown on the first "results" page for your query, just above the red "Fare/Buy" button.

Once you choose a train using that red button, the next page will give you fare reduction options. The "no reduction" option is the full fare.

With the two children, Half-Fare cards will give you the best deal, since the children can travel with you for free (ask for a Family Card to be included). Super Saver tickets are limited and not available for some of the routes you plan to travel, such as the Jungfraujoch, or lifts on Mt. Titlis.

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Don't waste that first day in Interlaken. Just change trains at Interlaken Ost and 20 minutes later you'll be in Lauterbrunnen. THAT'S where you want to be.

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I usually spend 4 days & 3 nights staying in Murren when I travel to Switzerland. I find the 4 day consecutive Swiss Travel Pass (currently CHF 263 2nd class) works best for me landing in Zurich and going right to my hotel in Murren (or you to Lauterbrunnen as Tim says). I spend a lot of time traversing the Lauterbrunnen valley going to Wengen and/or Grindelwald. I like going to the top of the Schilthorn which is half-price from Murren. I also like taking both the boat rides on Lake Brienz & Lake Thun (I get off the boat in Thun & take the train back to Interlaken) so that is into Interlaken & back. Sometimes I take a day trip to Bern. In the end, I am usually headed to Basel to catch the TVG to Paris. All this depends on the weather of course but I am usually there the first week of October & have been fortunate to have great weather. I think I get my moneys' worth out of the Swiss Travel Pass & I have the convenience of not having to buy tickets to get around (except for any half-price rides). You look like you will be doing a lot of traveling too.

P.S. you can get a Swiss Family Card with the Swiss Travel Pass also.