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Swiss train route suggestion for Dec 2023

We are 4 adults traveling from Paris to Switzerland with 4 more days in Switzerland. Wed 27 December Paris to Pontresina, Thursday 28 Dec Pontresina to St. Moritz in the morning to board the Glacier Express St. Moritz toward Zermatt but stopping in Brig for accommodation. Friday Brig to Zermatt. Saturday Zermatt to Zurich. Sunday 31 Jan Zurich depart early am from Zurich airport. It seems it is worth getting the Swiss Travel Pass. My main question is how to get from Paris to Pontresina. It would be good to go via Brig and Andermatt so we cover the same Glacier Express route to give us twice the odds of a good weather day. Not sure how to look for this route as most routes suggested are Paris to Zurich, Zurich to Pontresina.
Also, is St. Moritz worth a look around if we only have an hour or two in the morning? Suggestions?
Also, if we are getting the Swiss Travel Card, what type of rail ticket do we need to get from Paris to Switzerland? Thanks!

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I would suggest you use the route suggested by the SBB trip planner. Paris Gare de Lyon to Zurich on the Lyria TGV, then the IC train to Chur, then a regional train to Samedan, then the 9 minute train to Pontresina. That takes 7 1/2 hours. Going via Brig and Andermatt will take you 12 1/2 hours at least, so you will be traveling in the dark shortly after leaving Andermatt.

Why on earth are you stopping in Brig? Why not continue on to Zermatt and spend 2 nights in Zermatt.

You should buy a rail ticket now for the Paris-Zurich 7:22 am departure. You can put in that you have a Swiss Travel Pass by clicking on the "G.A." option. "G.A." is short for General Abonnement, meaning free travel within Switzerland.

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Sam has it right; I will add that Chur-Samedan (the Albula Railway) is one of the most scenic sections of the glacier express route so you certainly won't regret not going via Andermatt.

Regarding staying one night in Brig then one in Zermatt: I assume that you ran into accommodation cost/availability in Zermatt over Xmas? If that is the case, maybe look into spending two nights in Täsch or Randa just below Zermatt? And if not, then definitely cancel that night in Brig and add one to Zermatt.

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Yes hotel locations are due to accommodation availability. We could only get one night in Zermatt, hence the stay in Brig. Same with staying in Pontresina instead of St Moritz.

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Thank you both for your help. Yes I'm looking forward to that portion of the Glacier Express and think it's the same in the portion of the Bernina Express, which I did 5 years ago. Thanks also for the answer on the Marking for the free Swiss travel! That's answers that concern. I'm going to get the reservation and tickets tonight hopefully.