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Swiss Stop between Rome and Munich

I'm looking for a place to spend either 3 or nights in Switzerland between Rome and Munich for Oktoberfest. I've to a alot of places in Italy and would like to stop in Switzerland on this trip. Trip will be this time next year. We would look to be in Switzerland from Monday - Thursday morning.

I'm not that familar with the Swiss trains yet but i was wondering if folks on here have some recomendations for someplace I can go after leaving Rome Italy (visiting family), and then onto Munich. Are there some towns that are easier to do given the trains between these 2 cities. I wouldn't mind hiking or taking lifts up the alps. I prefer the smaller cities to big cities. The first thought was to use those days in the Interlaken/Lauterbrunnen area. I'd stay in 1 location as a base for those days and not change hotels to keep it simple, unless something else is better?


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Switzerland has the densest rail network in Europe (if not the world), so there is nowhere you cannot get to by train.
But, to avoid too much of a detour I would recommend Luzern. See here for tourist website. It is a tourist town with lots of hotels on the end of a lake, so you can use it as a base and have both lake and mountain excursions.
The advantage of Luzern over Interlaken is that you can get direct trains from Milan. To get from Italy to Interlaken it would take 1-2 hours longer.
At the end you can get a train from Interlaken to Zürich (about 1 hour) and then another one from Zürich to Munich (München).

The quickest train route from Rome to Munich is actually via Austria (Innsbruck).