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Swiss Rail Pass for more than 15 days

In years past, we have always used the Swiss saver pass for 22 days. When I went on to check for 2015, both options are gone. They only offer a 15 consecutive day pass and no discount option for two or more people traveling together. Any suggestions on how to cover rail transportation for 22 days?

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I would buy the 15 day pass and use it in the middle of the trip. Although I don't know your plans, if you stay a few days at a location in the beginning and end of the trip, you're only paying for the initial trip and ending trip out of pocket. As you know, you don't have to activate the pass right away and it's easy to buy your initial ticket at the airport.

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One "answer" is to buy a 15 day pass and an 8 day pass, and use them consecutively. Of course, that's quite expensive. So, unless you're going to be using a lot of transit all the time, I think jameslandsverk has the better solution.

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Paying for short cheap train trips may seem counterintuitive if you have a pass but as noted, it's often a wise strategy.

Just make sure you're up to speed on buying train tickets from machines and the whole chip and PIN drama.

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You may buy more than one consecutive Swiss Travel Pass, or you could buy a flexipass version for 3, 4, 8, or 15 days within a month. You will no longer get a saverpass discount, nor be tied together on one ticket (personal freedom!) If you choose the flexipass, it no longer acts as a half-fare card in between the counted travel days, although you will be able to add that option for $65 more. As of today, these new versions are not loaded in Rail Europe's shopping cart, so I would check back in a week.