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swiss postbus questions

My wife and I are traveling from Zermatt to Milan on July 20th. We thought it might be fun to take the Swiss Postbus from Brig to Domodossola. I have figured out the time table and it sounds like a scenic drive (and interesting local adventure on the bus) but I have some questions:
1. Do we need reservations for the bus - I see conflicting info on this?
2. Where do we buy the bus ticket, from the driver?
3. We will get off the train in Brig, how do we find the bus station or bus stop?
4. its a 2 hour ride, but it looks like the bus stops for a few minutes in Iselle, is there a bathroom break along the way?
5. does the bus ever fill up?
6. has anyone done this, is it fun?
Thanks, James

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  1. says no. Postbus routes that require reservations are clearly marked on the SBB route planner.
  2. Probably in the Brig station, or from a ticket vending machine. Surprisingly, the bus is about 8 CHF more than taking a train through the Simplon Tunnel.
  3. Buses are outside the main Brig station next to the narrow gauge train platforms. These are the platforms for the Glacier Express and trains to Zermatt and Andermatt, referred to as Brig Bahnhofplatz.
  4. Iselle is only 30 minutes direct to Domodossola. I doubt if a potty stop is in the schedule.
  5. No way of knowing, but I would doubt it.
  6. I've ridden over in a charter bus in the dead of winter. It was a pleasant day with some nice scenery.