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Swiss Pass Discount

A few years ago my husband and I were heading to Switzerland and were fortunate that the Swiss Pass was being offered that summer at 25% off normal price…anyone know if they will offer that again anytime soon?

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If they have not announced any sales by now, probably not. Last year, the sale was in springtime and was not a price sale, but bonus days for certain continuous passes.

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I've given up hope that there will be a sale/discount for this year. I think we lucked out the last few years and those discounts were a way to attract visitors after Covid.

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Last year I traveled to Switzerland. There was a sale on the Swiss Pass at the time we needed to think about tickets. However, we did the math. For us a 15-day Swiss Pass (not on sale) was less expensive than purchasing two passes for a lesser amount of days which, IIRC, included a free day with each pass. So you may not have saved any money anyway.

A bit jealous of your Swiss trip plans. Have a great time!

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