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swiss/italy rail help

my wife and I are trying to book rail tickets from Interlaken to la spezia Italy in june, I am able to get rates and schedules up to june 14 but not beyond (actual travel day is june 20). I've never booked before and not sure if i'm overlooking something. please help

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The schedules for June 20 may not be posted yet. I'd suggest waiting for a week or so before trying again. A few questions.....

  • Which website are you using to try and book tickets?
  • Which station in Interaken will you be departing from?
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Oh no, it's that time of year again. Trenitalia refreshes their schedules twice yearly. Once about June 12-13 and again on Dec 12-13. They are notorious for being tardy for getting these refresh schedules up on line. Thus, if you are looking out beyond June 12-13, you may not see all of the trains and train runs. Also, you may be looking out too far. You can look out 119 days on the Italian trains but only 90 days on the Swiss trains. On Trenitalia, I can see the run from Spiez to La Spezia Centrale for as low as 31Euro (SMART Fare) but I'm looking in early May. I sometimes have difficulty with Trenitalia not seeing Interlaken Ost. But, Interlaken Ost is 20 minutes from Spiez.

I can also see the entire run from Interlaken Ost to La Spezia on the Swiss train website Again, it's early May. I see a special fare of 88CHF for the entire run. I tried June 20 on but there were no connections.

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Thanks Ken and Larry. I was using the same sbb website. I will look at a later date. I do like he 31 euro price. I'm not familiar with the Smart fare but will look into it.
I will have a swiss saver pass will that help with a discount at least to the boarder? Your advice is very appreciated.

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There should be a spot on the SBB website when you're inputting passengers to say if they have any discounts. If the Swiss saver pass does provide you a discount (I'm not familiar with it) you would enter there that you have it. The Saver fare is typically a non-refundable/exchangeable ticket, but at high savings. So if you can lock into that route/time, go ahead and buy the ticket and save a lot.