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Swiss Francs?

We will be taking a one day trip to Switzerland from Italy in May. Is it worth getting and bringing Swiss Francs for a day or can we get by with a Visa credit card? I dont think we want to try using Euros, it seems not polite from what I have read? thanks!

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Don't worry about being polite. The Swiss know the color of money, and these days of a severely overvalued Swiss Frank, they will welcome you with open arms. Everybody in Switzerland is going the other way to fill their gas tanks and even buy milk and bread.
And your visa should work fine. Worse comes to worse, you can always hit an ATM.

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If you have euros you can use them in Switzweland. Just be aware that your change could be in Swiss francs. Use the smallest bills possible.

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If you need cash (francs) just pop over to any atm and withdraw whatever you need.

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If you are in county for one day, simply use your credit card. I had a long layover at Geneva Ariport last week and spent several hours in the city. Credit card worked fine.

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most of the places a tourist would go will accept credit card, or even better a debit card. As noted, if they take your euros they are likely to give change in CHF which would not be helpful.

Or get some CHF and keep the leftovers as a souvenir.