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Swiss Franc conversion

I am using the Rick Steves Switzerland fifth edition (2011?) which quotes in SF. Is the SF the same as the CHF ( which is approx. the same as $1 USD)?
What is the USD equivalent for the SF so that I get a better idea of "costs".
I can assume that Euros are not accepted in Switzerland or not the best for rate conversion?

Thank you!

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CHF is the proper acronym for Swiss Franc currency, which Rick abbreviated to 'SF' in his book.

As of this afternoon, the exchange rate was .91 CHF:USD. For budgeting purposes, this means ONE Swiss Franc would run approximately $1.10 (USD).

Have a great trip!

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Currency exchange rates change frequently. You can get an accurate idea from this website....

As mentioned previously, the correct designation for Swiss Francs is CHF ("CH" stands for "Confederation Helvetica").

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The easiest way to convert a currency amount at the current rate, if you know the 3-letter abbreviation for the currency, is to go to google and type in (for example): CHF 34.50 = USD
and it replies: 34.50 Swiss Franc equals 37.59 US Dollar

You can do this for any currency and amount, so long as you know the 3-letter abbreviation, which are made up of the two-letter country code, plus (usually EUR is an exception) the letter of the currency, for example EUR CHF GBP USD CAD DKK

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Actually XE has an app for the smartphone that brings it right up for you at the tap of a finger.

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Some bigger places will accept Euros but you'll get a lousy conversion rate and likely get your change in CHF anyway ....

As noted, check rates often because they change often. And since it's Switzerland, everything is terribly expensive! It's not that you are doing the math wrong ....

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This isn't a reply but I couldn't see where to ask my question. I was in Switzerland for a few days and have ended up in Salzburg with 150 CHF. Does anybody know if it would be better to exchange them here or wait until I get home? Thanks. Betty

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bmerten, Depends where home is.
The nearer you are to Switzerland, the better rate you are likely to get for your CHF 150.
You will still get a much worse rate changing cash than the rate you would get for a cash machine withdrawal or using a credit card. And nobody will change the coins, just the banknotes.
If you do change them in Austria, change them into Euros. If you attempt to change them into some other currency, this will be done as two transactions, and you will be charged twice.

In hindsight: You should have bought some more chocolate before leaving Switzerland :-)