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Swiss Family Pass Train Travel 4 out of 8 days

Please clarify does a "train travel day" only count for a train? and not the smaller associated stuff: lifts to peaks that are included or discounted on the swiss pass, boats, cable cars, funiculars, museums, etc...

family of 4 buying Swiss Pass w Swiss Family Card (kids 6/8) Spending 7-8 days in Switzerland. trying to figure out how many days we will actually be on a train:

train day 1; cross german border from Munich. swiss train into lauterbrunnen (3 nights)
train day 2; day trip on train from Lauterburnnen to interlakken for boat rides on lakes
train day 3; leave Lauterbrunnen by way of Golden Express passing thru Montreux to sleep in Chamonix. (3nights)
train day 4; leaving chamonix for zurich (overnight prior to flight) (1 night)

do I only need say 4/5 of 7/8 on the Swiss Pass (one extra for gruyere or some other cool place along the way?) i have an extra night
i can throw in before, or in between the booked hotels at lauterbrunnen, chamonix.

Also go first class not second , yes?

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You only get something "fully covered" or for free if you use a counted travel day on a Swiss flexipass. That includes trains, buses, boats, city trams, and museums. Higher mountain lifts, such as Muerren-Schilthorn or Wengen-Jungfraujoch, are only discounted, no matter which day of your pass it is. We would choose the 2nd-class pass, either $272 per adult if you choose 3 days of full coverage within a month, $330 for 4 days within a month, or $411 per adult if you choose 8 consecutive days of maximum coverage. The flexipass does allow the adults to buy other transport tickets for half-price on the in-between days (kids still free, but no museum discount). My choice would be 8 consecutive days, mostly for convenience.