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Swiss Alphorn

On many of Rick's television series in the Berner Oberland, he shows various Alphorn demonstrations, like people are just in the meadows with them all the time!!! I have been to the Berner Oberland 4 times and have never seen or located a presentation or dinner show, etc. We are planning to return July 2022 with our adult children and I would like to find an opportunity, even if it is "touristy".... Does anyone have any ideas near Interlaken to Thun areas?

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We saw a Swiss folklore show with yodeling and alphorns and a fondue dinner in Luzern. It was touristy but lots of fun. I'm sure they have them in many places. Just Google for whatever towns you'll be in.

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I was fortunate enough to attend a community concert in Engelberg that featured alpenhorns as well as yodelers. I saw another concert at the Schilthorn, and our host played at a cheese alp.

I think that it is often just being in the right place at the right time. Definitely ask at your hotel if they know of any concerts.

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In the area you mention, you could look at attending a folklore evening at Harder Kulm (direct access from Interlaken) - (normally between 6:30-8:30 pm every night, great views from up there too)

While it's not a formal demonstration, you can see/hear alphorn players at Schynige Platte (near Interlaken) every day in summer and fall - I saw them a few weeks ago when I went up there

And if you'll be there for August 1st (Swiss National Day), there are bound to be plenty of concerts and events featuring alphorns all over the region. Just contact the tourist office closer to your trip and I'm sure they can fill you in.

If you still can't get enough, there is also an alphorn workshop near Interlaken you could visit:

Hope that helps!

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One day we happened to be at the little (but nice) restaurant on the porch at Allmendhubel when an Alpenhorn player gave a small, apparently ad hoc performance. Good fun...

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Check out what's happening in Wengen. Back in mid-July 2017 we stayed there 4 nights and during one there was a street parade with music and people in traditional dress. It led down to a big tent with an Alphorn concert, food, crafts, etc. I had the impression it was something they were doing regularly but don't recall for sure.

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We saw a guy playing one (is it called “playing?” “blowing?”) in Muerren the day we arrived, a Wednesday. He was outside a restaurant near the bottom of the Allmendhubel funicular., around 5 pm or so. We never saw him again the rest of the week.

So maybe inquire at your lodgings when you check in? They may know of any scheduled performances.

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DebVT, that may have been at the Hotel Jungfrau in Mürren, where the RSE tour group regularly stays. The manager told me that a new RSE group rolls in every three days (2014), so it is almost always full of Ricks people. We saw the alphorn performance as well (same man as in the RS videos) and as I recall it was included as a feature of the tour, after the group fondue dinner. And the cows in the pasture did actually come over when they heard the horn.

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Lucky us to catch the performance!

Thanks for the info, stan.

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I was in Mannlichen in June one year and a Spring Festival was going on. Great time and unplanned. Singing, dancing, alphorns, food. Always Google festivals in the areas you are traveling. They are a blast and since this was a small festival, many locals attending.

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You could send an Email to your hotels and ask them for suggestions on local Alphorn concerts. The last one I saw was at the top of Mt. Pilatus, but I haven't seen any in the Interlaken area.