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Suggestions for 2 different nights in Zurich

We need to book 2 nights in Zurich. We would like one in or near the Old Town and one in or near the airport. Do any of you experienced Swiss travelers have a suggestion? We would prefer locally owned and 3-4 star. Thanks so much.

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There's really no reason to stay near the airport, as it's only about a 10 minute ride from Zürich Hbf to the airport. You can easily stay in town and avoid the annoyance of one-night hotel stays. You might have a look at Hotel Walhalla which is right next to the Hbf. The rooms are very modern and comfortable and many of the local tour firms operate from a lot across the street from the hotel, so you could easily book boat or other local tours.

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Will you stay two consecutive nights? In that case I would not want to change hotels. If you are thinking of staying one night upon arrival in Switzerland and one night upon departure, then it's certainly possible that you could "push on" to another destination on your arrival day, such as less than one hour by train to Luzern, instead of spending that night in Zurich. (Looking at your earlier posts, it seems that you've had a few different itinerary ideas, so I'm not sure how/when you arrive in Zurich.)

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Why do you need to book 2 nights in Zürich? If I had two spare nights before catching a flight out of Zürich, there would be a dozen places I would pick before Zürich: Luzern, Interlaken, .....

How early is your flight? Luzern is only 1¼ hours from Zürich airport. First train of the day depart Luzern 04:55, arrive Zürich Flughafen 06:13.

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The nights we need are consecutive. We have to leave our rental car in Zurich on a Saturday night, and fly out Monday at 7 AM. I haven't been on this site in a couple of years, so hopefully will give better information as I go along. Yes, we have been all over the map (pun intended) trying to decide about our 9 days in Bavaria. But, thanks to so many, we have altered, changed, eliminated, and are now focused on what we think we can do. This forum is so helpful. RS's book, the web, etc. are all fabulous, but hearing from real people with real experiences is the best! Thanks.