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So my daughter and I leave for Switzerland in a week. We bought th Swis Travel Pass as we are traveling all around Switzerland. I am under the impression we do not need to buy anything or validate anything before boarding a train correct? We just need to be able to produce the pass either in paper or on our phone. Is this correct?

Also, using the luggage delivery service. Does anyone know if it be delivered during the same day.
Example. When we leave Lauterbrunnen we would like to have our luggage delivered to the Zermatt train station. We want to get our luggage later on that same day. We are staying at an airbnb so I don’t think they can deliver it there. Hoping they could deliver it to Zermatt train station for us to pick up later . This would allow us to be able to sight see during the day. Is this possible?

Thank you!!!

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As far as I know, and you can check at the SBB site, that luggage is delivered 2 days later. Why not take your bags with you. There are both luggage lockers and manned luggage deposit at Zermatt station.

Yes, with the STP, just board the train and show your pass and ID when the conductor comes by. They may not ask for ID, but you must have it ready to show if requested.

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yes, except - if you want to go on a fancy named tourist train you will need a reservation and that will cost.

and, except - if you want to go on a mode of transport that gives a discount you will need a discounted ticket and show your STP and ID.

but mostly that's right.