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small suitcase and Muerren train connections

Looking at train ticket to go from Muerren to Munich. I'm a little worried about the very short transit time between the connections at Grutschalp (2 min), and Interlaken (6 min). We are bringing backpacks and carry-on size luggage. Can we keep the luggage with us in the cable car or does it go into that basket? If it goes into the basket, will we get it in time to make the 2 minute Grutschalp connection? And is 6 minutes enough at Interlaken?
I appreciate any experience with this!

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6 minutes is normal at Interlaken Ost. If it is too tight for you personally you can take an earlier train from Lauterbrunnen, therefore an earlier departure from your hotel. There is no restriction.

Changing from the train to the cable car on the way down from Mürren, 2 minutes is normal. It involves stepping off the train, along with everybody else, down one flight of stairs, and stepping right into the waiting cable car. Everybody goes in a group, when everybody is in it goes.

If you hand over your luggage at Mürren, you collect it at the foot of the cable car in Lauterbrunnen - the luggage container is moved as one from the train to the cable car - with Swiss precision.

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At Interlaken, 6 minutes is how long it takes. The Swiss have been doing this for a while and know how long it takes if you don't lollygag. You walk down a flight of stairs (or take the ramp) walk about 50 ft, then up another stairway to the new platform. And if you do miss it, there is another train in 30 minutes.

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These connections are not short. They’re efficient. Don’t worry about them.