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Sion, Switzerland and heading into Austria

Hello, I posted here earlier, but for some reason my post disappeared. So I am trying again! :)

My two kids and I are going to be in Sion, Switzerland for 10 days for a music competition, and then we are heading through Switzerland and Austria into Budapest for a second competition, but will have about 10 days for the trek. We will have a lot of luggage, as well as two violins, so we are more restricted than normal vacationers would be. I know we want to head into a rural area as we cross into Austria, and then spend some time in Vienna before heading into Budapest. For Switzerland, what is our best route? Is there something we should not miss in Switzerland, or given that it is pretty expensive, would 10 days in Sion be enough? I am guessing from looking at train information that we will need to stop somewhere in Switzerland for at least a night or two, so do you have any suggestions on the best place to stop en route? And how long would you recommend staying? Also what is the best route to take from Sion to Austria?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Here is the one you posted on "General Europe"

I posted a reply to the identical question you posted on "Switzerland". I see it has disappeared along with what I presume was an identical post on "Austria". Posting identical questions on multiple forums means your answers will be scattered about, and in this case, looks like they got deleted.