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Sigh in Zürich

I am in Zürich and planning a lake activity. I am reading rick’ s book but I am not quite sure how it works. Between Cruises on Limmat river, river boat buses, and the big lake only excursion boat . We have Swiss pass. Do we only pay $5 for any or all cruises mentioned in Rick’s book? Can someone help me to clarify?

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Swiss Transit Pass covers you 100% on Swiss Public Transport so if your journey involves a route on a boat then you're covered.

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There is no longer a CHF 5 surcharge to ride the boats on Zürichsee with a Swiss Travel Pass or any other public transportation ticket valid for the area you will be traveling through.

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Correct, I did not pay the $5。Thanks everyone, I have a wonderful trip I did make to Konstanz Germam

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Correct, I did not pay the $5

Minnie, Please, $ is the symbol for currencies called "dollar", and a few others like the Mexican peso.
It is not a symbol used for any currency in Europe.
Of you say "$5" in reference to any place in Europe, it is totally confusing: We have no idea how much you mean.
Did she actually mean she paid $5? If so which sort (Canadian, Aussie or what, your profile doesn't say which country you are from). Did they actually accept this (non-European) money? Or does she mean the "equivalent of whatever sort of $5 she is talking about"?

All currencies have a 3-letter abbreviation to get round this confusion of symbols
CHF 5 = 5 Swiss Franks
EUR 5 = 5 Euros (€5)
GBP 5 =5 British Pounds (£5)
CAD 5 = 5 Canadian dollars etc.

This is just meant as a friendly hint to avoid confusion, and to anybody else reading.