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September trip

Wife and I scheduled for sept swiss trip. Hope by then all will be open and allow U.S. citizens in.

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I'm scheduled to leave for England Sept 16th. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that we can go then.

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Count us in for a trip to Croatia in September. No tickets bought yet, still watching and waiting.

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We remain hopeful that we'll get to do our Baltic States and Romania trip in September. If the flights are going and the sights are (mostly) open, we plan to go and just incorporate any mask/spacing issues we need to. If this is something that we'll all need to do for a long while, we're happy to incorporate it into our travels, learn to make it work and make the best of it.

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We are due to fly PDX to FRA on Aug 31. Tickets purchased last November. Will go if Germany lets us in and Condor flys. Will adjust itinerary (originally Italy, Switzerland, France, UK) as needed if only we can land and flight is. It cancelled. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Personally, I wouldn’t get on a plane in September even if the holiday was free, unless Coronavirus has disappeared by then, which is highly unlikely or there is a vaccine, also unlikely.

The U.K. is a high risk area and I wouldn’t want to risk spreading the virus to other countries.

We thought we may have had coronavirus, but the antibody test has come back negative, so not sure what we have had!

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Yeah, I thought I had it in March, but tested a week ago and no antibodies.
Anyway I figure this will be a lot over and have booked Ibiza (a stop through Zurich)(I get to see the old town on the way back) for late Sept. It will happen.

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I have been following the situation in CH and found on this site info that July 6 the government will consider when to open to non-European travelers. (That actually might allude to a decision by the entire Schengen.)

CH has almost no new cases daily at this time. Of course, like the rest of us, that may change as they open up their borders. Plan to travel with a supply of masks. 😷

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A couple of practicalities I see:
- Dining out: space is cut by nearly 50% and much of it is outdoors
- Almost all of the places around me are only accepting contactless payments
- Requirements for health insurance and adequate finances are being checked, probably not good news for backpacking