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Second thoughts for itinerary

I have the following itinerary for my first trip in a very long two years. I am having second thoughts and I hope I can get some suggestions or advice. I would like to do some light hiking, see some museums, wine-tasting, boat trips and just relax after a very stressful two years. I love flowers, history and anything art-related.

day 1 - 3 Zurich (St. Gallen day trip)
day 4-8 Montreux area (day trips)
day 8-10 back in Zurich with family
day 11 -14 Wengen

I thought the rest of the time I could do a trip to Lake Maggiore for a few days.

My question is am I spending too much time in Montreux area?
Also, I have not added Luzern and the more posts I see, I think I might be missing a great destination.

If anyone has any experience and would like to share, it would be most welcome.
Thanks all.

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I'm unclear why you'd return to Zurich between Montreux and Wengen, unless you have a family obligation perhaps?

Zurich is fine, but I'd rather spend time in Luzern. It's prettier, and better located for day trips. Yes, it is a great destination

I've only spent a day in Montreux, but I could imagine spending more days there.

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Thank you for your reply.
Yes - for family. Would you take off Lake Maggiore and go to Luzern?

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I would take off your list the 1-3 days in Zurich, and spend that time in Luzern. You can get there by train from the rail station in the Zurich Airport in about 1.25 hours. Much more interesting and a prettier setting.