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Seat Reservations Brig to Domodosola

  1. I will traveling from Brig (CH) to Stresa (IT) with a Swiss Transfer Pass so believe I can get on any train on my way out of the country.
  2. I have a ticket with seat reservation from Trenitalia for the portion Domodossola to Stresa.
  3. SBB web site states that a seat reservation on the EC train from Brig to Domodossola is mandatory, but does not allow me to reserve a seat on this train.
  4. My question is - how can I make a seat reservation? Is it necessary? Many thanks for any help anyone can give.
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"Is it necessary?" For travel on an EC (EuroCity) train, I believe a reservation is necessary for the segment you mentioned, although it's a bit odd that the SBB ticket shop won't allow you to do that. As soon as you arrive in Switzerland, I'd probably go to a ticket office and they should be able to sell you a reservation.