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Schilthorn travel day advice

Does anyone know if there are lockers at Schilthorn? We leave our Lauterbrunnen air bnb April 27th. Schilthorn opens April 27th I think. I am trying to figure a way to get our luggage taken care of before we head to Zermatt.
Does anyone know if there are lockers at Schilthorn to store luggage?

I think the luggage delivery takes two days? Does anyone know if you pay more would they make sure it arrives the same day?

Trying to leave Lauterbrunnen - Tour Schilthorn - Train to Zermatt. Is this too much? I hate missing it.
Thank you for any advice.

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I did the Schilthorn as a day trip from Bern, yes I know not ideal but it ended up working. So your itinerary is a cinch.

Watch some train vlogs that show Lauterbrunnen station so you'll be comfortable with the size and number of lockers.

Just remember, check the weather and check it again and then again.

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Can't you just leave your luggage at your Lauterbrunnen hotel and then come back and pick it up before heading to Zermatt?

That's what we always do when travelling.

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You have to go back through Lauterbrunnen to go to Zermatt, so leave it in Lauterbrunnen at the train station or your hotel and pick it up on your way back out. You don't pass through the Schilthorn on your way to Zermatt, it's a detour.

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We leave our Lauterbrunnen air bnb April 27th

Sounds like the OP has an airbnb, not a hotel, thus the need for luggage storage.