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Schilthorn Construction.

Our plan was to visit Schilthorn this September rather than Jungfrau due to cost and time. Has anyone visited lately who can attest if the construction affects the views? Is the Thrill Walk still closed at Birg?

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I found this which does indicate that the Thrill Walk is closed or partially accessible:

Construction work is currently taking place at all stations and
restrictions and noise emissions must be increasingly expected. For
safety reasons, the Thrill Walk at the Birg station is temporarily
closed or only partially accessible.
On the Schilthorn, some viewing
spots are closed. However, the large terrace is still accessible
without restrictions. The construction work has no effect on railway
operations or restaurant services on the Schilthorn.

But, I checked the SBB app and it is currently open.

Perhaps someone who has recently been to Birg/Schilthorn can provide some info. on how things are.

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We just got back from a trip and visited the Schilthorn @July 18. The construction affects the views in that only half of the area is currently open on the top viewing platform terrace. I am not sure what side it is on, but the area with the "skyline shot" (the Bond barrel) is closed. However, you still get amazing views, particularly on the part of the terrace that is open standing with your back to the Schilthorn.

The Thrill Walk at Birg is only partially open. So if you have been there - you can walk down the stairs, and you can go partially around (the "tightrope" walk and the glass bottom walk) but you are stopped prior to the chain tube walk. But the viewing platform above the thrill walk is still open, and you get excellent views there.

The construction is very much happening all around you, complete with all the noise. It is fascinating to watch how it is happening (mind blowing to see how this works!), so if you are into that, worth it for that. I hesitate to know what to recommend - we had been there before, and would have been disappointed if this was our first trip. Particularly since we went in July and of course it was packed, I think we would have chosen something different, mainly based on the extra time it took to get over there/dealing with the crowds.

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owlsmg, That is concerning. This is our first time there. We're staying in Murren. I didn't know about the construction when I planned the vacation and now I'm feeling concerned. I doubt we could find different lodgings this late. Do you have any suggestions? We will be here the third week of September.

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2kimgray, I wouldn’t worry about the construction. You’ll be out and about during the day when they are working. And it sounds like the Schilthorn construction might be worth seeing just to see and marvel at how they are working up there.

For others who may be reading this in the future, the construction will last through 2026. I can’t remember exactly when it started, but it was happening when I was there June 2022.

The planning schedule can be viewed here:

Links to some of the construction videos available here:

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2kimgray, there have been a couple of other posts on the construction in Murren - you might poke around and see what you think. I guess it depends on what you are doing. As Carrie notes, if you are going to be up and around during the day, it really might not bother you all that much. And some people note that the construction doesn't occur over the weekend, so that could be a quiet time too. You will be there in September, and you will not have to deal with the crowds that were there when we were there. It is such a beautiful area, you will have a lovely time.

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I'd check the location of your accommodation, but unless you are staying right next to it, I would not worry. It was going on when we were there last October and I only noticed when we walked to the station. You get views in all directions at Schilthorn, so I don't think it will be a problem.
if the thrill walk is closed at Brig, I would not bother stopping there--construction did seem to be a factor in that area, where we would have hiked around a bit if it were not for the construction mess. I found the views from Schilthorn plenty thrilling!
What part of September will you be there--October was quite lovely last year.

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We were just there last week. Our first time, and we were not disappointed at all by the construction or part of the thrill walk being closed.

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"And it sounds like the Schilthorn construction might be worth seeing just to see and marvel at how they are working up there."

I actually had a bit of free time this afternoon and did a quick trip up to the Schilthorn and back. And yes, the construction is fascinating. And the logistics of how they get all the stuff they need up there interesting to see. There is a temporary material transport ropeway parallel to the existing cable car, and you can see it being used.

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Even though I’ve already been, sounds like I need to put Schilthorn on my list for next year. I will probably have to stop in for some mini waffles then too. 😊