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Schilthorn closed for access April 22?

I am flying in to Switzerland next week on Wed, April 22 & it looks like it may be clear & sunny at least that day & the next morning- I'm hoping to get some good mountain photos then & read somewhere a lift or something will be closed Apr 20-24. Is it true that the only way up will be closed? Can one get halfway up the schilthorn, & would the views be good from there? Will everything be shut down in Murren? Is Gimmelwald still operating during that week? I was hoping to take the bike ride & lifts that Rick took, but I'm afraid they will be "closed for repairs"?
Thank you!
An alternative suggestion please if this is the case- I may only have 24 hours of good weather.
I know, I'm going at the wrong time of year!

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From their website (via google translate):
"We ask our passengers from the restrictions listed below to take note.
The route Mürren - Birg - Schilthorn remains of Monday, April 20 to Friday, April 24, 2015 closed.
Gimmelwald - - From Monday 20 April to Friday, April 24, the operation remains Stechelberg Murren von 7.40 bis 17.40 clock clock set.
The operation is obtained by means of transport cable car and bus to and from Gimmelwald upright with boxes below schedule.
The remaining courses on the track Stechelberg - Gimmelwald - Mürren done by default with the cable car.
As of Friday, 24 April 2015 17.55 clock the cable car runs again according to the official schedule.
Short-term changes will be announced via stops in the stations.
7.47 8.47 9.47 10.47 11.47 12.47 13.47 14.47 15.47"

The route is still open to Gimmelwald and Muerren. Maybe get some shots from the Jungfraujochbahn.

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It is between seasons and much shuts down, not just the lifts which have to have maintenance.

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Yes, it's between seasons, but there are still real people who live there...the entire doesn't town doesn't ever shut down because it's a village of residents - not just a village of tourists. Sounds as if you've never been there before. Hint: you don't have to get to the Schilthorn to have stunning photographs. The entire area is one big stunning photograph. You can take stunning images standing at the front door of most of the hotels!

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And going up the service lift is something I've always wanted to do...

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Thank you! Yes, I have not been before & I appreciate your comments that I will have stunning views without having to go up! Watching the weather makes me itch, so I will let it go now until I get there!

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"The entire doesn't town doesn't ever shut down because it's a village of residents - not just a village of tourists."

But having actually been there in April, I can report that all the services that a tourist would need in Gimmelwald (lodging, restaurants, etc) are closed. And the residents use this opportunity to fertilize the pastures... how do you like the smell of liquified manure?

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Actually they are keeping the lifts open on weekends, so they are still skiing. But shutting down the Schilthornbahn, which obviously involves long term maintenance planning, is set. Its a Monday to Friday closure. So after it reopens, get your last runs in. Lift passes expire April 30 and that will be it for the season.