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Schilthorn / Children’s Adventure Trail

We plan on visiting the Schilthorn and Children’s Adventures Trail. My wife and her folks will head up to the Schilthorn while my son and I play at the playground at Allmendhübel. My wife and her folks will meet us and we will then hike the Children’s Adventure Trail.

I am trying to figure out the best way to handle the logistics. If possible we would like to travel as far together as we can.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Are you getting the Swiss Pass? Just asking because Schilthorn is included in that. How old is your son? Any reason why you are all not going up to Schilthorn? Not that it's my business ;) Depending on the age of your son, he might enjoy Schilthorn. They have the James Bond stuff and a simulated bobsled ride that's kind of fun

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We do have the Swiss Travel Pass. My son is 6 years old. He is not interested in going up to the Schilthorn and that’s okay with us as he has mild asthma.

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If you are staying Murren, you take the Funicular up to Allmendhubel. They take the Gondola up to Schilthorn then back down to the Gondola stop in Murren. They can then walk to the Funicular and ride it up to you at the playground. Then walk down to the Children's Adventure trail. Our seven year old loved it! They need to go up early before the clouds roll in. There is a small restaurant at the top. I would grab a sandwich for everyone before going up. When they arrive, sit and have a picnic before heading down.

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Here's what I would do if I were in your shoes.

I'd have the whole gang walk to the cable car station at Murren and look at the monitor inside to see what the conditions are at the top of Schilthorn. If it's in the clouds, you'll have to change plans and maybe all will go on the Children's trail.
Now if it's a blue sky day and you're sure the Schilthorn is clear, then you can split at the Coop store in the middle of town. If you look at the map here, you see what's where:

this city map comes from the Murren brochure found here:

Ideally you both have phones to check on timing, but you probably don't, so I would allow at least 2.5 hours before meeting back at the cable car station. (There are lots of seats there, inside and out, plus bathroom downstairs for the kids.)
The guys can go up to the Schilthorn where there's a restaurant, and James Bond videos, and also stop at Birg, where there's other activities. Women and kids go uphill from the Coop store to the funicular to Allmendhubel, go up, play at that playground and pet some cows up there, then take the Children's Adv. trail that goes counterclockwise from there. (Look at map.)

There's another playground in the woods between and below 040 and 041 that has a neat zip line and other equipment. After that, there's lots of trails down, but easiest to just take the trail straight down the hill that is parallel to the cable car. If you time it right, the guys coming down on the cable car would be able to look down and see the rest hiking down almost straight below them.

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My 6-year-old grandchildren really enjoyed the Adventure Trail yesterday.

Be careful petting cows. They like having the flies shooed away from their face, but then may try to rub their head against you for more. Almost knocked me down.

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Was just here last week and my 8-yo and 11-yo LOVED the playground at the top of the Allmendhubel - literally had to drag them away from it after 2 hours and they wanted to come back the next day. We took the North Face hike down (follow signs to Murren) and the children's adventure trail was under maintenance and there was a detour, so just know if you want to use it this summer, it may not be ready. We didn't miss it though - from what we saw it looked kind of dangerous, ha! The playground and hike were plenty to sustain them though. Really enjoyed it!

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Your six year would probably enjoy some of the Bond exhibits at Shilthorn (interactive) and the "thrill walk" at the stop below, Birg.

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Thank you everyone. It is much appreciated.