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SBB App and Swiss travel pass

So we purchased the Swiss travel pass (2 of us). My SBB App says my Swiss Pass card is not linked to my SwissPass card. It is telling me to enter my customer number.
I have printed a ticket ID of the purchase but don’t see a customer number on it.

For some reason I can’t figure this out. Does the Swiss Travel Pass have a photo on it? I simply have the ticket ID/receipt with a barcode on it. I printed it but would like to have it linked on the app.

Any suggestions? We leave Friday. Thank you!!!!!

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The Swiss Pass and the Swiss Travel Pass are two completely different things.

The Swiss Pass is not really a pass, it is a photo ID card on which you can load passes and tickets. It is mostly for Swiss residents and residents of adjacent countries. It has to be mailed to you and they will not mail to locations outside to that area.

The Swiss Travel Pass is a pass which is available only to non Swiss residents. It can be a paper copy with a QR code, or an electronic copy with the QR available on your phone. If you have a paper copy, you can load it on to your Google Wallet, or Apple Wallet. I as able to do that, but never used it, because technically, you must also show your passport with the pass, both to prove your ID and that you are not a Swiss national. So I just tucked in my passport.