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Saver Day Pass Activity Discounts

Is this the full list of attractions that the saver day pass offers?

Someone mentioned in another thread that the Saver Day Pass is essentially a one day Swiss travel pass. Does that include all the attractions that the Swiss Travel Pass offer.

Was thinking to do the aare gorge, this is covered under the swiss travel pass, but is it for the Saver Day Pass?

Is there a more comprehensive list of the activities that the saver day pass can be used for?


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Saver Day Pass is only for transportation. Sorry for the confusion. It covers travel in the GA area as shown on the official map of validity. I do not believe it covers lines which the Swiss Travel Pass gives discounts.

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On the Aare Gorge website that shows prices, you will see this:

SBB RailAway combo offer. If you travel to us by public transport, you
benefit from a reduction on the journey there and back as well as on
the combined ticket Aareschlucht - Reichenbach Falls.

So you will get a discount if you buy a combined entrance ticket for both the Aare gorge and Reichenbach Falls.

Details on the SBB website regarding this can be found here, including information on how to do this when you already have your train ticket (day pass).

A RailAway leisure travel offer consists of a public transport ticket
and a leisure activity, such as admission or a day pass for skiing. In
many cases, you benefit from reductions on the additional product when
you travel there with public transport. Reduced leisure travel offers
are also known as RailAway combined offers.

Q. Can I benefit from the discount if I have a GA Travel card or have
already bought my train ticket (eg. Day Pass)?

A. Yes, this is possible. What’s important is that your ticket covers
the whole route for your chosen leisure travel offer. When you
purchase online, please choose ‘Other individual ticket’ under
‘Discount cards’. Please note that our partners providing the
additional product may check the details you have given.

Note: A Saver Day pass is essentially a one day GA ( the travel pass purchased by residents that allows unlimited travel all year round in the GA area of validity). As Sam said, it is not the same as a Swiss Travel Pass.