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San Grato park near Lugano

Just saw some nice photos taken from San Grato park near the small town (village?) of Carona which is near Lugano. Looks really nice and easy to reach from Lugano by bus. Just wondering if anyone has visited it. Never to early to plan for a Switzerland trip.

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Now you bring it up then yes, by accident, on the day we transferred from Orta San Giulio to Lenno. I don’t know about Carona but we made a planned stop in Morcote, which itself is in a nice spot. A steep path leads above the village to a church, a terraced cemetery and a castle ruin. From there we decided to keep on going. A bit of a hard slog through a wooded trail, which opens up eventually with smaller trails branching off in different directions. It was a nice day, maybe a couple of hours getting there from Morcote but the views, walk and colours were well worth it.

We also hiked something called the Chestnut Trail (6 hours or so with a restaurant stop), close to Lugano. This was planned but finding a starting point was almost harder than the walk itself, and our Smart car laboured with some of the steep turns. The miniature world at Melide may be of some interest to you but I thought it had a drab look about it.

If you are in this part of the world, Bellinzona is a splendid visit. It has a nice central area and is a World Heritage site for its three castles.