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Rick Steve's My Way: Alpine Europe

if you've done Rick Steve's "My Way: Alpine Europe" I'd love your feedback.

I want to do this tour because I love the Alps and want to connect with other travelers. I have gone to Switzerland on my own for hiking, sightseeing, and mountaineering; I just want to be with other travelers this time. I do enjoy walking, from easy to challenging walks.And I'd love company for that.

On this tour, do you think there's be other people interested in hiking? How do people connect to join others for activities? I am hearing impaired and I know that could add challenges - but I hope not -- in connecting.

Also, does the group try to eat meals together? I definitely want to connect vs. do everything on my own. So I am hoping that is possible.

Thank you and happy travels!

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I took the tour in early June last year. My quick answer is "yes," We were a very mixed group, with 3 8-9 year old kids, a couple of girls about 19 and 22, and couples and singles in their 30s-60s. Couples and singles seemed to be on their own only when they chose to be. We had impromptu happy hours at our hotels several times, and our tour "escort" arranged 2. About half the group were avid to serious hikers. There were no meals that everyone ate together, but usually a group formed for dinner on any given night, maybe 3-4 people, maybe 10 or more.

Do read the itinerary carefully. It's pretty much one full day in a place, the next day lots of bus time. We never saw the Swiss Alps, weather was unfavorable in Lauterbrunen, so most people hiked around Gimmelwald/Murren and in the valley. There are really only 3 days of hiking - one each in the Dolomites, Lauterbrunen and Chamonix. In Fussen most went to Ludwig's castles, though a lot rented bikes and spent the day riding.

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Hi. I went on this tour in the summer of 2013. I travelled solo. The group was very friendly and while there were not "official" group dinners, small groups and large ended up migrating to the same restaurants.

This really was one of the friendliest groups I have met on tour. I found folks reaching out to each other and casually checking out if they were interested in the same things each day. If you do find yourself not making a connection, be proactive. On one or two occasions, what I had in mind did not seem to mesh with what I heard others around me planning - only to find out later that another tour member had the same ideas and we had each spent the time alone and would have welcomed each other's company. This was rare, but did teach me to reach out rather than wait to discover.

Before the trip, I had planned various things I wanted to do and see in each location. That was fine, but by the middle of the trip, I pretty much scrapped that to-do list, kicked back, and went with the flow. Very relaxing. Perhaps because the group is aware that there are no planned group activities, members are more cordial and conscious of making connections. That was my experience, anyway. I hope you enjoy MyWay Alpine.