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I plan on going to Switzerland mostly in Aug. would it likely be OK if I made hotel/B&B reservations a few days in advance? Or should I make them far in advance. It may be dependent on the city/town, I realize. But I was wondering if there were any words of caution.

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July & August are peak travel times in Switzerland. It is strongly suggested to book in advance.

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At the end of April, I already struggled finding a good room in Lucerne in early July: you should book now, at least in the tourist hot spots.

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It depends an awful lot on your budget.... it is possible and in some case you might even get a cheap rate due to a cancellation, but in most case you can expect to pay well over the odds to find a place for the night.

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If you know for sure you will be in a town on a certain day, then why not book in advance?

If you'd rather wing it, as I sometimes do, I'm certain you can find a room only a day or two in advance. You probably won't get your first choice, but you'll find something perfectly fine. Make sure you have a list of places you've researched ahead of time so that you can go through them to find a vacancy.

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Thanks for all your very helpful advice. I very much appreciate it!