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Rental car in St Moritz

Hello travellers,

My husband and I will arrive in St Moritz in the Glacier Express and then rent a car to go to South Tyrol. However when we were trying to rent the car it is sending us 1:30 minutes away from the train station.

Does anybody know a place near downtown or close to the train station where we can pick the car up?

Thank you for your help,

Silvia Bohlke

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Will you be returning the car to Switzerland? Otherwise there will be a very expensive International drop fee.
I do see a Europcar location in St Moritz, but it is at a gas station and may not allow one way rentals.
Where is the location 1 1/2 hour away?

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Good Morning!

They are asking to pick up the car in Chur (1:30 minutes away from St Moritz). After spending 3 days in St Moritz we are going to South Tyrol and then returning the car in Zurich.


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Where are you going in the Südtirol? Perhaps it would be more efficient to take a train to Italy and rent there. Depends, of course, on where you are flying out of. Are you going back to Switzerland?

You might try, an American company that arranges rentals all over Europe. I have been very happy with their service. Maybe they have a source closer to St, Moritz.

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You can easily travel to South Tirol by public transit. The route would be st. Moritz - Zernez - Malles - Meran, with the Zernez - Malles part a bus through the Swiss National Parc. The station in st. Moritz ought to be able to get you a ticket.

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Then why not get off the the Glacier Express at Chur and rent the car and drive the rest of the way to St Moritz. Another option is after St Moritz, take a regular train back to Chur, rent the car and then drive to Suedtirol form there. You will need an IDP for Italy and a short term vignette for Austria if you return to Zurich using any Austrian motorways.