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Rainy day/Cloudy day things to do in Jungfrau region

From Rick's book I see

  1. Lauterbrunnen waterfall walk
  2. Sefinen Valley to Kilchbam

Other things
1. I assume the hikes with views looking into valley will still have decent views (in a cloudy but not rauiny day)
2. I heard good things about renting a ebike and going along the valley
3. Lake trip and Castle visit seem like good things to do

1. Bern day trip (worth it if weather is bad?)??

Any other suggestions?

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We went down to Spiez snd drove around the lake, stopping at various places.

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Rainy days– If you have a rainy/misty/overcast day, here are alternate activities:

Hike behind Staubbach Falls at Lauterbrunnen (out of the rain half the time)

Hike or bus over to Trummelbach Falls (inside the mountain, so out of the rain)

Visit the Lauterbrunnen Museum (near the river, near the church)

Take the train to Interlaken Ost station and browse the huge Coop store across the street

If you have a train pass, check the weather for Luzern, 1.5 hrs away. You can see the current rain, and predict future path with the slider:

Likewise for Bern. With an umbrella you can walk to Einstein’s house and then be out of the rain

Misty day: train to Meiringen and visit Aareschlucht (Google it)

Take a boat ride on Lake Brienz, especially if covered by your pass

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The Ballenberg Open Air Museum would be good even with a bit of rain.

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In an area with a large mountain range, there are inevitably going to be cloudy/rainy/foggy days. Which cannot always be predicted accurately. This comes with staying in mountainous area. Have a Plan B if the weather isn't nice, or if there isn't a Plan B (sometimes the case), either don't go or at least adjust your expectations about the weather.

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Bern also has the arcaded walkways, so one can wander much of the old city covered.