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Rail with stopover in Zermatt

We will be staying for two nights in Zermat and one of the days has been scheduled for us to go up to Gronergrat for the day. I’m trying to find things that you can do once you take that rail up there but I can’t find much. Is it mostly hiking etc.? Thanks for any insight…

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It all depends on what time of year you are going and the weather conditions. In the summer, there are hiking trails. You can hike down to the Riffelsee lake where you can photograph the Matterhorn's reflection. Further down, there is also a nice restaurant where you can grab a beer and gaze at the Matterhorn and there is an open-air theatre during the summer months.
Keep in mind if you hike, the ground is mostly shale so make sure you have the right shoes and are prepared for changing weather. Even in July (2017) we almost got caught on a hike with the clouds/rain coming in. It did make me a little anxious. The Matterhorn can be rather elusive so if it is cloudy/raining you may not see it in the 2 days you are there. I enjoyed the town of Zermatt and visiting the museum and cemetery and hearing the history of the climbers.


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We travelled there last year...great train ride and viewing platforms with amazing views
at the top with restaurant for hot chocolate...went up June 30 and weather was great-10%
off before July 1 and another 50% off with Swiss Rick says take the train down to the
first stop and nice easy downhill hike to lake to view the reflection of the Matterhorn in lake-
you can then hike down as far as you want and hop back on the train at multiple stops...back
down to Zermatt for lunch-the guy grills sausages a few short blocks from the train station on
main street-get your chips and sodas nearby at the COOP!