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Quick trip to Switzerland. Advice needed


We are two, having a short trip to Switzerland in second week of October. There are so many places and not getting correct idea of time given to those places, so I am seeking help to line up my plan.

We will reach Geneva at 5:10 by flight on 8th October. We have booked 8th, 9th and 10th October in Valley Hostel, Lauterbrunnen. On 11th evening around 5 PM, we will be taking TGV to Paris. We already bought Swiss Travel Pass for both of us.
To help myself, I was going through few old posts and can see this option -->

8th October : 6:10 train from Geneva to Lauterbrunnen. Hotel stay in Lauterbrunnen.

9th October : Leave Lauterbrunnen, Grutchalp, Murren, Schilthorn cable car station, Birg, Schilthorn. While coming back - Schilthorn, Birg, Trümmelbach Fall, Lauterbrunnen. Hotel stay in Lauterbrunnen.

10th October: Leave Lauterbrunen, boating at Brienz, some part of Lucern, Engelberg, back to Lauterbrunnen for night stay.

11th October: Leave Valley Hostel, visit Oberhofen Castle, TGV from Basel to Paris.

  • Is it reasonable plan ? I would appreciate if somebody can suggest, if something better can be done.
  • On 10th October, will I time to see something else ? Or any other better alternate ?
  • On 11th October, I need to be at Basel before 5 PM. Will I have time to see something else ? I will plan to leave hostel around 7:30 or 8 AM.

I would really appreciate, if I can get help from you guys.

Thanks in advance

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If you're coming from a long flight, you'll be tired when you reach Geneva, so have your stops written down, etc. since it will be late in the evening when you arrive. Especially be aware that Interlaken has two train stops, so you don't get off at the wrong one.

I would plan both the 9th & 10th in the Lauterbrunnen area vs. going back to boat at Brienz & spend valuable time going to & from Engelberg. Take the train up the mountainside to Wengen & Kleine Scheidegg, instead. Be ready for any type of weather, so you might want to do Trummelbach Falls on the 2nd day and concentrate on being up in the mountains if the first day is excellent weather.

I'd save the boat trip for the 11th - go on the opposite lake and combine it with your trip to the castle.

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The deeper you head into October, the less dependable the weather becomes. If you're trying to peg specific mountains activities into a time grid, prepared for nature to disrupt your plans. Without the benefit of a short-term weather forecast, play it by ear once you get there.

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Jean, I kept one day for Lauterbrunnen/Murren area and one day for Brienz/Lucern area see some part of nature and beautiful (from what I read) city of Lucern. If I give my second day to Wengen & Kleine Scheidegg, will it not be same kind of scenery or it will be very different ?

""go on the opposite lake and combine it with your trip to the castle"" Where should I get down from train to reach opposite lake ? Accordingly, I need to see, where I can deposit my bags.

I will keep a plan-B for bad weather, but want to make a broad plan.